Getout Games – Provo, UT

Get Out to Getout Games!

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(Transparency: the author of this article has connections to this venue)

Do you love escape rooms? Of course you do! We all do! 

Getout Games (Provo, UT) was one of the first escape room venues in Utah Valley, and it continues to be one of the very best. The downtown attraction offers a diverse array of themed escape rooms ranging from Egyptian tombs, to nuclear reactors, to a steampunk fight against a tyrannical post-super-hero-age villain. Six different narratives means that you can return again and again.

Getout Games recently refurbished their space-themed room, complete with a new narrative. The room layout dazzles with LED lights, a hologram, and a myriad of glowing buttons, knobs and switches. 

The popular venue has special prices for youth groups on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, as well as discounts for larger groups. To get the best deal, look for one of their special sales that sometimes happen around major holidays. 

You will need a reservation before you go, and at least four people are required. Make your reservation at This family-friendly venue is perfect for date night, youth night, family night, or for celebrating birthdays.