Sell Passports & Promote Your Venue

What are the benefits?

Easy Upsell

Upsell from your individiual ticket sale to a passport at your business and make $30 per passport sold. For most venues, this is much more than the profit made from an individual ticket!

No Upfront Costs

We do not charge anything to be included in our passport as a featured venue.


Find new customers in your local area by showcasing your venue or attraction on a passport.  This can really help to fill dead zones in your schedule!

Support Local

We offer a powerful fundraising tool to local organizations, school groups, and nonprofits. By adding your venue you are making a positive difference in your community.

Domino Sales

Each passport often represents future sales at the time that the voucher is redeemed. After all, who want to go to a venue alone? 

Plug & Play

We make it easy. Once you give us your information and graphics we will create your ad for you. 

What's the Catch?


No catch! There really are no upfront fees and no hidden fees for our promoted venues.

However, there are requirements for participating.

To participate, you must offer at least one free normal ticket or entrance to your venue per purchased passport, including sales tax. However, keep in mind that for each passport you sell, you will earn $30 in revenue.

Offer One Full Ticket Per Passport
Fulfill your Offers to passport holders

For more information, please download our Detailed Information Packet

List YOUR Venue On UV Passport
List YOUR Venue On UV Passport